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John S. Manalili June 27, 2006

Posted by anak in JSM Profile.

John S Manalili


Broadcast and Print Journalism

Currently Chief of the Public Affairs Division
Bureau of Broadcast Services-Philippine Broadcasting Service

Station Manager of  Radyo ng Bayan 738 khz

NBN4 TV Host of a one-hour daily television news program

News editor of AM and FM stations of Manila Broadcasting,  Cebu CityEditor of the Republic News in Cebu City

Editor of the Radio Veritas 

Producer-Announcer of  former Voice of the Philippines.

Educational achievements:

Master of Public Administration,  University of the Philippines,
College of Public Administration, 1996

Master of Arts In Education Major in Language Teaching
G. Araneta University Foundation, 1988

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Journalism,
G. Araneta University Foundation

University of thePhilippines
College of Public Administration 1996
University Foundation 1987

St. Michael’s College (Guagua, Pampanga) 1969

Lubao Central Elementary School 1965

Other Academic Achievement

Professional Journalism Fellowship Award  1984-1985
University of Michigan, USA

Personal Data

Birthdate: June 24, 1952

Birthplace:  Pampanga

Civil Status: Married   Sex: Male

Home Address: 11 Matthew St., Jordan Park Homes, Quezon City

Provincial Address: Sta. Lucia, Lubao, Pampanga

Language/Dialect Spoken: Pilipino, English, Pampango, Cebuano



1. JUN ARBOLADO - June 30, 2007

I am a big fan of Mr. John Manalili since i was in the elementary. I always listen to his newscasts while I was in Masbate even when I transferred to Capiz. I must say he inspired me so much that I became a radio journalist like him. I had been a radio-TV journalist (like my idol, John) for almost 20 years now. Even I am here already in the United States I still listen to him via the internet and his golden voice is still a music to my ears. How I wish I can work with him someday like what Awi Abayari is doing. I am presently here in Washington DC but I am officially connected with IBC-13 being one of its provincial station managers. Thank you for the opportunity. God bless!

2. alberto t. dimatulac - October 2, 2009

buri ku mung ikutang nung ing laguio da ding pengari mu mr. john ila di ban manalili t5saka y luring silva.

kawangis ye kasi itang anak da di tatang ben at ima luring a menuknangan dati king san bruno, minalin.

nung atin kang kapatad ing laguio da ila deng tutuki, palage ku ika y sonny kng san bruno minalin kanita.

1. godofredo (goding)
2. cesar
3. bebot

tau ku kasi minalin at ing laguio ku y belto dimatulac , anak nang apung adong at indang duti.

3. cocjin - December 14, 2009

to manalili,
if you have received the letter i sent to you through LBC Air Cargo last month yet, kindly disregard it. I changed my mind. Thank you for the concern anyway. Merry Christmas!
virgie cocjin-benitez

4. Virginia Cocjin Benitez - May 3, 2010

To John S. Manalili,

Pls.communicate with me because i am interested to know the whereabouts of the Radio Trasmitter that i have entrusted to you wayback 1980 for sake-keeping. I left it in your care together with Mr. Jeff Ocampo to take care of it. I want you to report to me or give me the full account of what had happened to the said Radio Transmitter…My question is…Where is it now?Have you sold it? or just made business of it? It had been years that the said Radio Transmitter was in your Hands and even until now it is still in your custody.My next question is…Is the same Radio Transmitter that the Radyo ng Bayan is using the same Radio transmitter that i left in your care? Please be honest…i what to know…

In fairness to my family and for justice sake,tell me the truth…as it will set you free.

What Bible says “What gains a man if he gains the whole world but losses his soul”. Remember God always reward to those who are good and honest..

Hope to here from you soon.

Please revert me to my email address: vcocjinbenitez_1931@yahoo.com

5. april cortez - August 12, 2010

hi, can you pls. tell mr.manalili to communicate to me?
i can`t find his son,john manalili jr.
i am april,his former girlfriend.
you can reach me at this email.

6. Henry Manansala - October 19, 2010

Hey John! Do you still remember me? This is Henry Manansala, your Pigulut neighbor (Santa Lucia). I accidentally stumbled on your site so I decided to say hi. If you have time … you can visit the Lucian’s of Southern California website at http://www.lucianusa.com to see me and other cabalens.

Hello to Dandy and Cano. Regards!

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