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Requiem to the Memory of My Chosen One July 28, 2006

Posted by anak in Tec Sanchez-Tolosa.

Requiem to the Memory of My Chosen One
Tec Sanchez-Tolosa
You promised me nothing when I first beheld you
with my virgin eyes. No whispers like soft winds,
no gentle pleadings of your voice made hoarse
from speaking to the throngs who came.

My face, one in the sea of faces that stood
before you, awed, with the wisdom of your youth –
my mind, stirred from its complacency,
my heart, irretrievably captured.

Ah, the fire –
Like a light long awaited, you blazed
into the souls of us all, who took you in
like men possessed.

It was your call that awoke me from my stupor
that night, countless nights ago.

And now, many seasons after,
I see no more of you;
I have grown weary, my eyes have blurred
with nasty truths I dare not confront.

Have you grown tired, old fighter?
Have you given up the struggle for change
in this world content with itself?

Has your smoldering flame succumbed
into embers, your rhapsody droned
into a monotone?

Tell me where you hide.

Will I find you beneath the crushed dreams
of a yesterday we knew? Or behind closed doors,
one leading to another, each one sealing
and concealing the pains we shared
and the glories we will never regain?

Many came after you but few stayed true.
You see, the fight continues, with or without you.
So will I.

After all, my chosen one,
you promised me nothing
but hope on a piece of paper. 



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